Sites in the surrouding area

In the heart of the Auvergne, the Cantal region teems with historic memories and features a remarkable architectural heritage. President Paul Doumer and President Georges Pompidou were born here, among other famous names.
Auvergne was the birthplace of Vercingétorix who led the Gauls in their fight against Cesar –the Gergovie Oppidum is just 100 kilometres from here and makes the perfect excursion via another equally rich city, Clermont Ferrand, or even the volcano scientific park, Vulcania.
The Gévaudan region which is easily accessible from the motorway at Saint Flour offers a fine example of 17th century architecture seeped in memories of "the Beast", Château de La Baume, and provides an opportunity to admire the Millau viaduct which has become an internationally famed tourist attraction.
In Haute-Loire, the birthplace of General de La Fayette, Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette, is the headquarters of the American General Lafayette Foundation
Nearer by at just a half-hour away, the city of Saint-Flour and the Cantal Diocese deserves a visit for its magnificent setting, its museum and cathedral. From there, don't miss a quick visit to the Garabit viaduct which was built entirely in iron by Gustave Eiffel before he built the Eiffel Tower.
Other sites of interest are the Aurillac old town and its abbey, topped by Château Saint-Etienne – now a volcano museum – built by Charlemagne's great grandson Saint Géraud, founder of the Abbey. Also to see are the lovely houses celebrated by Audiberti along the Jordanne.
Aurillac is the region of Pope Sylvester II, born Gerbert of Aurillac, the Pope of the year 1000 and it is also the homeland… of the umbrella! 
Among the many châteaux spanning from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution, some must not be missed: Anjony and Pesteils which still belong to the same family; Val overlooking the lake formed by the Bort-les-Orgues dam and the site of numerous film shoots; and Cropière the birthplace of the Duchess of Fontanges one of Louis XIV's mistresses.
The Vixouze manor in Polminhac, with its exhibit of works by painter Léonard deserves a stop.
Finally, if you make just one visit, it should be to Salers, one of the most beautiful villages in France located on a majestic summit and featuring consistent Renaissance architecture. An excellent cheese, a superb long-horned race of red cows, and an aperitif have all been named after it!

On a more bucolic note, you will certainly enjoy discovering traditional peasant life in the Cantal up to the 20th century in the village of Niervèze right nearby La Bixière.
Several farm-inns offer delicious local specialities like truffade, tripoux, stuffed cabbage, bourriols, and cornets de Murat.
You will also have a chance to see some cheese-making and even buy fresh cheese straight from the farm.